Skylab Radio’s end of year message

Welcome back to the occasional musings from the world of Skylab Radio!

Recently we’ve celebrated our sixth birthday here at Skylab Radio…a big achievement considering not so long ago, we went through our hiatus. The amount of listener messages we received at the time wondering where we were and how people missed our little station, gave us the focus to return sooner than anticipated.  2017 is our first full year back since our brief hiatus and it has been a brilliant year!

We have attempted to balance a few things during 2017; making sure our webstream carries a familiar sound for our longstanding listeners and also ‘freshening’ things up to attract new people, by adding new tracks in within the very diverse spectrum where Skylab Radio’s music emanates from. Whilst a lot of potential new tracks have been labelled ‘chillout’, the reality is that a lot of this music veers towards the traditional definition of dance music. The genres are changing and evolving, we endeavour to reflect this.  However; we have to think of our existing sound and complement it, not vandalise our identity. Some of our listeners have called Skylab Radio a ‘safe space’; where they feel comfortable with us and are pleased we don’t make very many demands of our listeners. The privilege we feel that listeners worldwide allow us into their lives, whether it is a one-off or regular listening is something we still cherish and never take it for granted.  Despite the many upheavals experienced around the world; we always put out the ‘welcome’ mat to listeners everywhere. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are…you are part of the Skylab Radio family.

2017 is also where we dipped our toe into Digital Radio in the UK. We’ve been observing developments with DAB Digital Radio and cautiously decided to join it through participation with a new station – Upload Radio. The concept behind the station is very innovative, a ‘user-generated’ schedule where people can submit their own programming. For internet radio stations like Skylab Radio; this concept is a great way in promoting ourselves to potential new listeners. Our own statistics have suggested an increase of listenership within the UK and in particular to the geographical areas in which Upload Radio broadcast to. Whilst the ‘Skylab Radio Playlist’ is by its nature an extension of our existing ethos, we have taken the opportunity to experiment with ‘Chaos Theory’ – which appears on Upload Radio occasionally playing recent and classic dance music tracks. Chaos Theory is a step out of the comfort zone for us, which we believe shows flexibility and being brave in exploring other concepts. Skylab Radio has also been very pleased that we have been #trending on the RadioPlayer app! We aim to continue our partnership with Upload Radio in 2018.

Next year, we would like to expand further into DAB Digital Radio and establish ourselves as a digital radio station. DAB Digital Radio fits into our evolving strategy of broadcasting on differing platforms and the concept of small-scale DAB multiplexes suits what we are trying to achieve. However any expansion into DAB will be piecemeal and must not be detrimental to Skylab Radio and what we have built up in the last six years. We are ambitious, but cautious. A lot of people have said how is Skylab Radio funded…well quite simply, we’re not part of any radio group or organisation. We also don’t carry advertising or sponsorship on our main webstream. Skylab Radio relies upon the good will of our wonderful listeners and supporters, plus direct funding from the owner.

As always around this time of year; if anyone wishes to donate to Skylab Radio in order to assist us in paying our bills, in order to keep our little station going and also to assist in any potential digital expansion in 2018. Please feel free to donate to us using secure Paypal payment; details can be found on our webpage. Any donation, whether it is large or small is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

Lastly; thank you to our growing band of Skylab Radio listeners for joining us during 2017. We greatly appreciate you for taking time out and listening to us and support what we do. We wish all of our listeners and supporters a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. If Christmas isn’t your thing…I hope you have a great time with family/friends, and a great 2018!

I hope you can join us in 2018!

Love and respect x



Paul, from the Skylab Radio Team

1 thought on “Skylab Radio’s end of year message

  1. Keep up the great work. I love to listen in the classroom after a day of teaching, or while working at home marking or planning. I’ve just heard that beautiful version of Lola’s theme – pure chilled bliss!


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